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Mindfulness, it turns out, doesn't start in your head. Recent advances in science are showing that mindfulness is actually a state of interconnected awareness that exists between the mind and body. Understanding how to access this state through mindful practices, and making such practices a part of your wellness routine, can lead to vitally important health benefits.

In Meditation: State of Mind or State of Awareness, you will learn about just such a practice. Kinesthetic Edge director and Feldenkrais teacher, Andrea Higgins, has crafted an experiential program that invites you to think about the connection between meditation, neuroplasticity, and well being. The program, which takes about an hour to complete, includes readings, two audio lessons, and two self-assessment videos that will help you to evaluate your progress. By the end of the hour, you will have learned a skill that you can use over and over again to support your health and wellness. The process can be used on its own, or applied to whatever type of meditation you practice. As a special bonus, you will also be granted special "subscriber only" streaming access to the Awake Naps, mp3 album, a meditation series that will help you to reinforce what you learn in this program. You will find your link and password inside after purchase.

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Although I had to purchase your publication for a class at CSUN, I would've purchased it anyway and I am very glad I did! Meditation is something I have found to be a very helpful tool in my life, but unfortunately I have yet to master it. In retrospect, I am a Kinesiology student and movement and physical activity are my primary focus within my studies. Never in a million years would I think to combine movement forms and meditation but thanks to you I found the cure for the interruptions while meditating! The level of cognitive clarity I was able to achieve while incorporating small movements into my meditation was absolutely astounding and an experience I have been trying to reach for 3 years now. You are doing a wonderful thing and I hope others will benefit from your work. ---from Melanie, in California

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