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Kinesthetic Edge for Golfers is an experiential program that will introduce you to the Feldenkrais Method of movement. The seven audio lessons included in this web book, will help you to hone your body awareness, which in turn will lead to more organized and intelligent use of the body.

Disorganized physicality is an outward sign of inner chaos, and golf is a game that tests us to find out just how clear and connected we really are, in mind, body and spirit. While we may win some and we may loose some on the course, the real beauty of golf is not in the score of any one match, but in the way it reflects back to us something about who we are, how we live, and how we are growing and changing.

Kinesthetic intelligence is cultivated within our sensory motor capabilities. It must be felt to be understood, and we must pay attention in order to feel. The Feldenkrais Method will teach you how to pay attention, and how to make sense of what you feel. Get ready for a journey to the intersection of where your passion for golf meets your inherent ability to learn and grow through movement. Welcome to Kinesthetic Edge for Golfers.

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"I just wanted to let you know that I tried lesson one. There was something in there that allowed me to relax and swing more freely, and I'm getting another 20 to 30 yards on my drives, which is unbelievable. That alone was worth the price of admission." - Steve in Wayland, MA

"By the end of one of my golf trips, I usually want to throw away my clubs and take about two weeks off. This year I did two lessons each day, before and after I played, and I was able to maintain a level of consistency in my body, and therefore, my play". - Adam in Washington, DC

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