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Awake Naps: Movement Meditations for Busy (Stressed Out) Kids was designed by a teacher and Feldenkrais movement specialist, who was concerned about the escalating levels of stress exhibited by her students, especially young tween and teenage girls.

Inside you will find a simple but effective program that includes four guided meditations. Each individual recording lasts three to five minutes. They can be done individually or combined for a longer meditation session. Although the lessons are performed while sitting in a chair, they are movement based and can be especially effective for kids who find it hard to sit still.

The program also includes a video self-assessment that your child will do before and after completing the meditation lessons. This will help them to see their progress with their own eyes. It takes only a few minutes, and most students report feeling calmer and more relaxed after just one lesson.

Although appropriate for older kids, the program is simple enough for children (ages ten and up) to do on their own. Younger children will also benefit, but may need your help with some of the reading. We actually encourage parents to do the program with their children (regardless of age), as it can open the door to discussions about how to form good wellness habits. There is also a page just for you in the book, as well as resources should you wish further information.

This web book can be accessed online from any device as long as you are logged in with the same email you use to purchase the program. We recommend placing an icon on your child’s ipad or iPhone screen, so they can find the program quickly and easily.

If you want to encourage your child to develop good wellness habits, or if you are growing concerned about the way your child is managing stress, Awake Naps: Movement Meditations for Busy (Stressed Out) Kids can help.

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